Acute embarrassment at the YMCA

Got my music playing through my headphones while I’m walking the track at the YMCA. It’s rather exhilarating when you find the right music to work out with. It pumps up your adrenaline, lifts your spirit, and makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Perhaps too enjoyable.

I’m singing along with the music that’s coming through the headphones, not thinking about the fact that everyone is hearing me sing. After my fifth lap, one of the YMCA instructors stops me and says, “You have a wonderful voice.”

I was a bit puzzled. I didn’t know what she meant. Then it dawned on me, she could hear everything I was singing. Nothing better than an old guy at the Y bellowing his favorite song for the world to hear. But it actually gets worse. For the song I was bellowing was Casey Jones by the Grateful Dead.

Drivin’ that train
High on cocaine

O, how I cringe at the recollection. I wanted to crawl into a hole. As was my habit, I replayed the last 30 minutes of mental video in my head. I remember seeing people smiling at me, or was it smirking? Were they amused by the strange vision approaching them?

New rule. No more singing along to the headphones. I will wait a day or two before I go back. That will give folks a chance to forget.


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