Happy as a bakery bird

Every morning I have the same routine in the warm weather. I get up, drive to the bakery, get a tall coffee and a donut, and sit outside at their tables. While there, I read a book and listen to music while sucking down the coffee.

But I am not alone. There, on the sidewalk, are dozens of little tiny birds. They skitter about, but keep an eye on the doorway of the bakery.

In short order, they are usually rewarded for their vigilance . Inevitably, someone passes through the door, breaks off chunks of their hard roll, and feeds it to the birds.

Now most birds keep a safe distance from humans. Maybe 10 feet or more. Bakery birds get much closer, within a couple of feet. For them, obviously, the reward is worth the risk.

But I, like an oversized bird, also get my reward. Occasionally, passersby stop and offer me a tidbit of conversation. Often, they want to know about my book. Or what kind of music I like.

Sometimes, people who stop and talk are seriously unhinged. In those instances, the tiny birds have a big advantage over me. They can fly away.

But my goal in life now is to be happy as a bakery bird. I don’t think it can get any better than that.


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