Tumbleweed connection

Elton John songs were crap.  Absolutely hated Crocodile Rock and Rocket Man. Most of his other songs were dreadful, too.

But mired in the ooze is one remarkable jewel- the Tumbleweed Connection album. I’m not talking about one song, I’m talking the whole album.

It is the best album in the history of music. You listen to the first song and it takes your breath away. You listen to the next song and it’s more of the same.. And so it goes with each successive song.

It was recorded around 1970 and it was done in collaboration with a gentleman named Bernie Taupin.

All the songs were wonderful, but one song in particular is beyond exquisite. Go to youtube and search for Amoreena. You’ll find a1970s live clip performed by John. The quality of the clip is pretty poor, but the quality of the song still shines through.

Give it a try.

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