Did you drive down to your favorite coffee shop this morning? Did you get a cup of ‘designer’brew, pick up a newspaper, or maybe stop and chat with some of your local acquaintances ?

Or maybe you took a jog, stopped by the YMCA, or sat outside and read a book. You may have gone to work.

Of one thing I’m fairly certain- you didn’t stop at any point and think,  “Wow, I’m free to do this.”

Unlike you, I always think about the fact that I’m free to do whatever I want . Every hour of every day. Having been locked up for 3 years, I never, ever take my freedom for granted.

To smell the flowers and the fresh cut grass is just incredible. And to have the ability to drive to Michigan, Montana, or Monterey leaves me speechless.

It’s not like I’m home free on my personal freedom. There’s no guarantee that it will last forever.

I know this and somewhat accept this.

But as for you, give your freedom a thought once a day.

And, please, please, do whatever you want, today,  because you have the freedom to do that.


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