Train whistles on an autumn night

Dad owned about 40 acres of property, mostly undeveloped rural land that boundaried a set of east-west running railroad tracks. These tracks hummed with train activity day and night.

I never really noticed the day trains. But at night, it was a much different story.

In particular, I remember autumn nights sending cool breezes into my bedroom, accompanied by the haunting cry of the westbound midnight train.

Oh man, that whistle went right to my core. I imagined hopping a boxcar with my teenaged lover, destined for distant, exquisite places.

We would hop off, not at a city or town, but at a gorgeous windswept plain-and stare at the expansive, night time crystal sky.

From today’s perspective, if I had the ability to put these thoughts to music, I would choose k d laing to sing it, for she would pull on my heart in sensuous, unimaginable ways.

I hope you think of this the next time you hear a train whistle, and it stirs up your emotions.

That might be a good thing.


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