What the hell does bubonic mean?

You know, it’s not just a plague, it’s bubonic plague. Now,  I don’t know what bubonic means. But if I use the limited context clues that we have here, it must mean something that is particularly nasty, colossal, lethal, nuclear, or awesome.

That’s a bubonic haircut, Fred.

Norm, your girlfriend is bubonically hot.

Sally, your oral report was bubonically awesome.

Mom, I’ll have another piece of that bubonic apple pie.

And what the hell is an interlocking  directorate?

To my piggy mind, interlocking is the thing people do in the privacy of their own bedroom.

So Tom, did you interlock this weekend? Oh, you da man!

You know the problem is, there’s just too many words that I am clueless about. I think I have the vocabulary of a 2nd grader.

So this fall,  I’m going to stuff my larged out body into an elementary school classroom desk. I will sit and learn all the vocabulary words I should have learned years ago.

Then I will come back to this site and impress the hell out of all of you. I hope you’ll still be here.


3 thoughts on “What the hell does bubonic mean?”

  1. LOLOLOL I’m pretty sure bubonic means groin, more specifically the swelling of the lymph nodes in the groin area caused by the plague. Which makes your blog even funnier.


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