Panera comes to its senses on guns

Until a few days ago, I had no idea what ‘open carry’ meant.  What I came to find out caused great astonishment.  Apparently, in some states where the NRA rules supreme, people can carry their loaded weapons in public.  Stores such as Krogers grocery chain, and others, actually allow patrons to carry their  loaded weapons into the store while shopping!!

I can just imagine some yokel saying to himself, “Well, let’s see,I need some frozen peas and ice cream.  I better pack some heat.”  Please tell me this isn’t true.

I mean, really, what are you going to need a loaded weapon for in a grocery store?  To hunt down your own wild game? In over 40 years of store shopping, I have never seen a need for a weapon.

And what, God forbid, if every one with guns doesn’t look like you?  What if they appear middle eastern, or Lord help us, black?  Don’t even tell me that wouldn’t be a huge problem.

I can just picture two clowns reaching for the last pack of gummy bears, deciding who will get it with a shootout on aisle five.

One of the reasons why open carry nuts claim it is important is because they can confront armed ‘bad guys’.  Do you really want a bunch of untrained idiots pulling out weapons all at once while you are at the checkout counter?

I tried to envision what open carry looks like, so I did an image search on the Internet. It was as bad as I feared. I would show you except I have never mastered adding photos.

Fortunately, Krogers is being confronted by a Mothers group against firearms, who is running expensive anti carry newspaper ads  financed by former New York City mayor  Michael Bloomberg,  in an attempt to bring an end to the madness.

And today Panera announced an end to their open carry policy after months of pressure. I go to my local Panera, but fortunately I live in New York state, where gun INSANITY is kept under control (and forget about being a gun ownership nut in New York City, you are going straight to jail). If my Panera had gun toting dudes, I would have to find a new place to go.

You need a license to drive a car, so why can’t a higher level document be required for all GUN OWNERS? And let it be openly displayed.

Gun ownership, much like Islam, has been hijacked by extremists. In both instances, mentally unhinged idiots have taken control. Wayne Lapierre of the NRA is one of the scariest men alive.

Under the guidance of the NRA, our nation is in terrible peril. Do you realize that Minnesota is trying to keep weapons out of the hands of relationship stalkers? AND THE NRA IS FIGHTING IT!

It’s probably too late. The NRA is too powerful. And I fear for our country. The inmates have taken control of the asylum.


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