It’s so f**king obvious! it’s the music

Not a word, not a single word from TV or news sources, has linked National Football League players domestic violence issues with rap music. Virtually all of the blame has been directed towards the NFL.

Believe me, the NFL deserves what it is getting on this issue.

But take a moment, and conduct an Internet search of rap music and violence against women.  I think that you will be able to spend HOURS combing through web sites exploring the unspeakably horrific song lyrics that leave women susceptible to repeated awful violence.  And it’s not just one rapper, it’s hundreds of them. And it’s not just one woman, it’s millions.

Yesterday, at a pro football pregame warm-up, OF ALL PLACES, music from the song ‘Fight Night’ by the Migos was blared through the speakers. Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics:


“Fight Night”

Public Service Announcement
Where all my rich niggas at man?

[Hook: Takeoff]
Broke niggas stand to the left
My rich niggas stand to the right
Lil’ mamma, she keep looking at me (lil’ mama!)
Im’a knock the pussy out like fight night

Hit it with the left
Hit with the right
Im’a knock the pussy out like fight night

Beat it with the left
Beat it with the right
Im’a knock the pussy out like fight night

And there are many more horrifying lyrics beyond this.  Many of the lyrics are hard to understand, yet ominous.

But the Migos are not alone. Tons of these groups are making a lot of money espousing the brutalization of females.

And who are they targeting?  Young black and white men and boys.  Young blacks in particular.

And who are the victims?  Not just unknown women, but their SISTERS and MOTHERS, perhaps their DAUGHTERS!

And who stands behind these ‘recording artists’?   Greedy major multi-million dollar record labels, who close their eyes to the horror as long as the money comes in by the truckload.

I found out recently that I was actually supporting one of these thugs who translated words into actions. I bought a new phone that has a feature called Beats Audio, marketed by Dr. Dre. The salesman excitedly emphasized the Dr. Dre feature, so I cluelessly nodded my head in approval. But I really had no idea who he was. 

Yesterday I started researching him.  By the time I was finished with my research I was sickened at the thought that I had put money in Dr. Dre’s pockets.

Turns out the Dr., author of the song ‘Bitches ain’t Shit’ and who has been embraced as a mainstream cultural icon in today’s world, has a dark, evil history with regard to violence towards women.  One woman required significant plastic surgery to fix the damage.

So I present to you misogynistic lyrics and misogynistic actions.  The NFL is today’s focus, but in reality the concern should be much more widespread.

Here’s a proposal.  From now on if a woman is looked at crosseyed, the perp has to go to prison. For a long time.  No second chance.  Nationwide. Starting TODAY.

And if a woman works up the courage to file a complaint, it gets acted upon by the authorities IMMEDIATELY. No  useless restraining order.  Get the creep off the streets NOW.

And finally, take the rap music out of the locker room and any place else associated with the NFL.

The NFL domestic violence nightmare has presented a golden opportunity to make things better.  Let’s see that that happens.


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