Hey Big Guy

I am a big guy.  Too big.  The good news is that I am very tall.  But I am still too big, anyway.

I have a few good friends who I feel a comfort level with that allows me to be OK with them taking a dig at my size.  Usually, they are pretty funny about it, and I will be the first to laugh and find their comments to be innocuous.

One person I had a problem with was my now deceased brother in law, Bill. He constantly referred to me as ‘big guy’, and I always felt, strongly, that he was trying to insult me, that his real intent was to call me ‘fat guy’.  It got to the point where I HATED being with him. He never called me anything but ‘ big guy.’

I always have a BIG problem with a stranger calling me ‘big guy’.  They just don’t know me well enough to greet me at that level. Too sensitive?  Probably.  But I am what I am.

Two days ago I make my regular afternoon appearance at the YMCA. It is here, of all places, where I work religiously on being less of a ‘big guy,’.  As I sign in at the desk, a male employee, who I have never spoken to, says ‘Hey big guy’.

I stare at him  for several seconds and then step into the workout area.  As I work out, I start to get pissed off, and as time passes I get angrier. After my first round of workouts I return to the front desk.  The offender is gone.  I explain to the front desk girls, in a quiet angry voice, that the employee in question needed to address me by my FIRST NAME ONLY.  I did not explain the ‘big guy’ situation.

That was a mistake.

I return to the YMCA the next day.  During the extent of the workout, EVERY EMPLOYEE comes up to me and says ‘Hi Greg’.

It was painfully obvious what happened.  The supervisor, upon hearing about my complaint, said something to the effect that ‘we don’t know what his problem is, but make sure you call him by his first name.’

What an idiot.

In hindsight I should have swallowed my anger and moved on.  Now my anger was replaced by embarrassment.

So the truth of the matter is, I’m still a ‘big guy’ no matter what that moron said. And I will have to become a ‘little guy’ to shut these idiots up.

So do me a favor-if you see me at Defillippi’s bakery or McDonald’s, shake your finger at me and chase me away, we might eventually see that ‘little guy’ before too long.


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