I will find you Miguel

Miguel, there’s no place to hide. I will find you, and I will make you pay. It’s been nearly 60 years, and I have not forgotten, not for a single day.

The year was 1956,  and Dwight Eisenhower was running for president. Being a prominent Republican Committee man, my father was involved at the grassroots level in the Eisenhower reelection process.  As part of their support,  one night Mom and Dad attended a local fundraiser. And they brought home a small plastic statue of Ike, as Eisenhower was called.

I was in kindergarten at the local one room elementary school, and I gleefully brought my little Ike doll to school.  After midmorning snack, a group of us went to the sand box.  I joyously plowed Ike through the sand for a period of time, then foolishly let Miguel borrow him.

Miguel plowed Ike through the sand, then, somehow,  I became distracted. When I returned my attention to the sandbox, Ike was gone.

I asked Miguel where Ike was, and he shrugged his shoulders. Ike was kidnapped, and we had no secret service agents to find a miniature president.

It was obvious that Miguel had stolen him. I went to Miss Erikson and reported the theft. She told me what teachers back then always said, don’t be a tattle tale (translation- I am too lazy to solve this problem).

Not having a search warrant, I had few choices to make that would give me a chance of making a recovery.

My little 5 year old body trembled with fury.  Miguel, who already had a significant kindergarten rap sheet, added to his list of transgressions.

So we move ahead to 2014. F**king Miguel still probably has Ike stashed in his arthritic hip pocket, at whatever prison he lives in.

Miguel, you are on notice.  I know you still have Ike and I want him back. I know you will read this post (if you can read).

Just drop him in the mail and all is forgiven-well, that is a lie but I will attempt to curb my smoldering rage.

Ike, I’m here for you buddy, don’t ever give up hope.


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