My take on the Ray Rice case

First, I hate the National Football League. I think they are a group of intensely greedy billionaires who are looking to squeeze every penny out of their fans. Their stadium personal seat licenses, which gives you the RIGHT to buy season tickets at your seat locations, is beyond belief.

With the personal seat license, they have actually had the gall to charge you thousands of dollars for no added value or service.

But in the Ray Rice case, which has been in the news for the last several weeks, I am actually inclined to give the League a bit of a break.  And I say this fully aware that the League has a long standing horrific record with regard to dozens of domestic violence cases.

Rice was a very popular player in Baltimore. He was the face of the franchise. He appeared at every charitable function he was invited to. He played Santa at Christmas time. As a result, Baltimore’s ownership loved him.

So when Rice got in trouble for knocking out his fiance, team ownership took steps to protect him. Contrary to what they say, they knew everything about the incident shortly after it happened. They lied about it.

And they lied about not asking the commissioner for a light, two games suspension for Rice. 

And the commissioner has been lying, also.  But the reason they did it was because of their love for a man who, up until the elevator nightmare, was a fabulous guy.

Now once TMZ (thank God for TMZ!)  posted the inside the elevator punching video the Ravens, and the commissioner, absolutely threw Rice under the bus.  They were in cover up mode.  All of a sudden, Rice was ‘ambiguous’ about his account of the elevator incident.

He wasn’t.  Several sources report that he was brutally honest.

For THIS, the commissioner, and the Ravens, deserve to be savagely punished.

But their original intent was to help out a man who was USUALLY a good person.

And for that, I think we need to cut the League a break.

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