Beating and sexually abusing women and big business

As a newbie toward rap music, the first thing I have come to learn is that women in the rap community are savagely abused, both in lyric and most likely in actuality.

And this is not some isolated crew of abusers. We are talking about people who have significant credibility in mainstream America.  People who have sponsorship from major American corporations.

Multinational corporations that are perfectly OK with women, especially black women, getting savagely beaten ,abused, and raped.  Many rappers, like Rick Ross, BRAG about administering pass out drugs to women and raping them.  Fortunately the women’s group Ultraviolet has taken a stand against Ross and his Reebok sponsorship, successfully.

But what Pepsi did was beyond dreadful.  Misogynistic rapper Lil Wayne belted out the lyric “Beat that pussy up like Emmit Till.” Pepsi feigned outrage over the disparaging reference toward Emmitt Till, a well known1950’s era racially provoked murder victim.  And as a result, they dropped Lil Wayne.

Pepsi said nothing about the “beat that pussy up” reference!!!  Not a word of outrage about the unmistakable direct reference toward beating women!

Let’s be clear.  This is about black women. How many black women can get into a car and escape the violence in their lives?  Where can they go to get away?  How many young black men are learning how to beat ‘their’ women from rap ‘artists’?

How long , HOW LONG, can this INSANITY continue?

Pepsi has a lot at stake. Who drinks more Pepsi then black youth? This is a multi-million dollar issue for Pepsi.

But don’t Pepsi execs have mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters?  How do they close their eyes to this?



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