Dr. Dre must go

Preface- my entire interest in women’s violence issues started with the Ray Rice video, a few weeks ago.   That video rocked me to my core.  Before that, I had no interest in women’s issues at all. After the video, I wanted to know everything.

I recently posted a comment on Facebook about the horror and misogyny of rap music lyrics, and how sponsors needed to be held accountable.


Nada.   No comments.

A week before, a woman gushed about her new kitchen appliances.

Thirty breathless comments.

What the F?

Queen for an F’in day gets thirty and I get zip!

I don’t get it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Dre. He’s a cultural icon who is in a major business arrangement with Apple computer.  He’s also the owner of Beats Audio, which, I came to find out, I have on my phone!

This paragon of virtue once recorded the rap song ‘Bitches ain’t shit’. (in conjunction with Jewel!!!). As you can infer from the title, this song is savagely abusive toward women, especially with regard to physical violence and sexuality. 

Let me share a couple of lyrics-

Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on these nuts and suck the dick


And this is the face of Apple.

The song was so heartwarming and tender, Apple dropped three billion on Dre for his crappy headphones and music service.  I guess Mother Teresa refused the money.

But hey, Dre is a great guy!  Everybody loves him.  So thinks Apple.  And Apple would love to have us believe that.  But it just ain’t so.

So what do I want?  I want the mother shut down.  I want Apple Computer to toss him today, and I want him living in a trailer park at the end of my road.  I want to see him every day picking up nickel deposit cans.

If Apple has to eat three billion, so be it.

Apple cannot add legitimacy to a woman hating thug by dropping a ton of money in his lap.  Now, he’s just a rich woman hating  thug.

What clout do I have?  Nothing. I am the poster boy for too many pounds, too few teeth , severe mental illness and level ten drug addiction. I live by myself in a dumpy house in the middle of nowhere. As the Big Bopper said in 1958, I got no money, honey.

I am too old (63) and I have never done a thing for women.  I am a source of embarrassment for my son, but he loves me anyway.

I am Michael Moore gone horribly wrong. I have a constituency of zero, unless you come along for the ride.

What will we do?  Call Apple, continously.  Pass out leaflets at their New York City store.  Get arrested (we might share a cell with Dre). Get Ultraviolet involved (that’s the biggy).  I am in total awe of Ultraviolet. They add HUGE clout to anything they undertake. And baby, they get stuff done.

As for Dre, he isn’t the only one, by far, but he is, to say the least, prominent.  He is a fitting first target.

  So I ask you to join me- I will be happy if we fill a telephone booth.  It would be a start.

PS- I called up Apple today and ambushed the service rep.  After I came to find out she was a fresh faced college grad who ‘took boxing to protect herself from thugs’, I felt guilty.

I need to ambush higher level management instead.


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