72 virgins

I have been reading forever that terrorist, ‘smell like  a goat’, jihadist head chopping a__ssholes are promised a place in paradise. Included in the package is the promise of 72 virgins (such a deal for the virgins).

I don’t know if it’s true.  Might be urban legend.  But for the sake of fun, let’s assume it’s true.

A few points to ponder, Osama wannabee.

1. Maybe there is a reason they are virgins.  What if they all look like Rosie O’Donnell?  Are you still happy?  You created a lifetime of misery and tragedy for THAT?

Makes you happy they have burkkas.

2.  Rock stars nail 72 virgins in a week.  So don’t get hot over yourself.

3.  Speaking of which, what happens after you abuse number 72?  You have the rest of eternity choosing celibacy or -gasp- defiling a used woman.  (Can picture goat boy scratching his flea infested head on that one.)

I really hope the 72 virgin thing is true.  Otherwise, what would I write about?


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