An Open Letter

An Open letter to Mike Lupica, writer for the New York Daily News

Hi Mike, please give me a moment. I am NOT writing to you about sports, even though I love them.

I am writing to you because you are smart, funny, and most important, you have a passion for things. To a less well known extent, I have a passion for things, too.

I have also noticed that you have a love for the underdog. It’s been very obvious for years. Well, I present myself as your latest underdog.

I am a 63 year old man who never did a thing for women. And then, I saw the Ray Rice videos. To put it mildly, it rocked my world. I went from being a guy who didn’t care, to a person who needed to know everything about women’s violence issues.

My research dropped me at the doorstep of the savagely misogynistic Dr Dre, and Apple Computer.

As you are aware, Apple and Dr Dre have a multi billion dollar contract which allows Apple the right to market Dre’s headphones, & I guess to use his music service.
What was never mentioned in this love fest is Dre’s abusive, violent lyrics with regard to women.

A good example is Dre’s rap song ‘Bitches ain’t shit.'(Performed with Jewel!!!)  Please Google the lyrics.

Apple Computer, the richest company in America, is making a very clear message here.  Women, we are only interested in you for your money. Nothing else. (Apologies to Keith Olbermann).

What do I want? I want to enlist the help of you and other well known folks to bring this business  relationship to an end. It is like NFL lite, and maybe it’s not lite.

As for me, I want nothing to do with being the face of anything, I’m a way too flawed guy for that. I leave that to others, maybe you?

Just so you know, I wrote to the national organization of women, and heard back nothing. I also wrote Apple, and expectedly, also heard nothing.

Please help. This is an outrageous wrong that apparently has gone totally under the radar. It needs to be addressed.

Name withheld

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