So you want a tatt?

Years ago I worked with a couple who had a young daughter who dated a tattoo artist. During their time together, he tattooed the entire left side of her body, from neck to feet.

Then he broke up with her.

I ran into her one day, and looked away in embarrassment.  I did not  know what to say.

She was obscenely branded for life.

Her parents were, and probably still are, mortified.  That pain will never end.

But she was not alone in her stupid decision making.  I attend the YMCA on a daily basis.  One young lady has the name ‘Nelson’ tattooed on her neck.

Of course I wonder if Nelson has run off with her sister yet.  Tattooing your current flame’s name on your bod?   Light years beyond dumb.

Dozens of others  at the Y are branded-yet to see an attractive one.

My ex used to work at a personnel office.  Without exception, prospective employers would quietly tell her, ‘No tattooed applicants, please’.

So tatts impact employment.

What you are telling us is that you can’t think past today.

And sometimes you need to do just that.


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