Open Carry in New York Now!

I am sick and tired of shopping for food in my New York grocery store without my AK47.  Things gotta change. NOW!

The second amendment guarantees my right to pack heat in the gummy bear aisle, and anywhere else, partner.  Yes, I know the 2nd amendment was written hundreds of years ago, in an entirely different world that we don’t have now.

But that don’t mean squat to me. I want my guns, I need my guns, I need a whole bucket load of them, and I want to carry them in open display at my grocery store.

For me, it’s such a rush. Its like hanging out my Mr Doodle while I’m checking out the frozen broccoli.

And when I see another customer packing heat, I dream of a gunfight at aisle 5. Oh, that it could happen.

My people will argue that gun totin’ citizens are needed to take down REAL criminals who might be in the store.  Imagine 20 of us untrained cowboys pullin’ heat at the checkout!  Yeehaa!

And seeing as how this is America, everyone will be entitled to the same right, exceptin’ black folks and Arabs. No way I want to see them with guns. Check those suckers at the door.

There is talk of sissy mommy anti gun folks who actually want to take open carry out of stores in states that allow it.  They are after huge grocery giant Kroger’s.  You hang tough, Krogers!

That’s why I am on the phone with my beloved NRA, and I am supporting them with all my hard earned dollars from the bar.

So join me now, join me, let’s bring New York into the world that everyone else is enjoyin’. You just don’t know what freedom feels like  until you brush across your AK47 while pullin’ down a package of hot dogs.


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