If you have read my recent posts, you are aware of the fact that I have attacked Apple Computer because they are  in a business relationship with Dr Dre.

Dr. Dre, as you are probably aware, has recorded savagely violent lyrics with regard to women.

So I have called Apple computers three times. Each time I have spoken to people on various levels of management.

Each time I’ve asked the same question.

“Are you aware of Dr Dre’s song lyrics?”

Without exception, my question is met with silence. As much as 30 seconds of silence. Followed by a rustling of papers, in a desperate search for the right answer.

But they are running a fool’s errand. There is no right answer. How can there be a right answer to level one misogyny?

It’s pretty clear that Apple realizes they have a problem. But since no one is saying anything about it, they just are cruising along under the radar, and will continue to do so.

Apple, you are the richest guys on the planet. And I’m probably the poorest guy in my town.

But I would never, ever trade places with you.


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