Bullying and Me

It is good to see there are a lot of anti bullying programs available for kids today. What is not good to see is that bullying has gone from the physical, violent bullying that I experienced to the mental torture of social media bullying today.

To be honest, I was bullied quite a bit. But nothing came close to what I experienced in my sophomore year, when I sat next to the child of Satan in biology class.

I was not a small kid, but I was as about as unaggressive as one could be.  I had been in fights, but only when forced to. I came from a family background where violence did not play a role.  Nobody hit anybody else.

Contrary to what you might think, this fellow was a very well dressed guy, and his dad was the school board president.  He played several sports and fancied himself as a lady’s man.

He came after me, and totally engaged my fear, from the first day of biology class.  He told me where and when we would get into a fistfight, every day.

After months of this torture, I snapped and went after him.  That backed him off for awhile.  But he returned more aggressive then ever. This went on for an entire school year.

Turns out I wasn’t his only victim.  This fellow urinated in my best friend’s shoes while showering in gym class.

How do I feel today?   63 years old and still hate him with an unspeakable passion- I want him dead, and I want him to broil in hell for eternity.  Ebola, plague, stroke, I hope he experiences them all.

Because my victimization happened in the sixties, I had no place to turn for help.  To put it mildly, teachers DID NOT CARE. And telling my parents anything was definitely not cool.

Fortunately for me, all bullying stopped after I left high school, forever.  But my heart goes out in a big way to those kids who experience it today.  It is just so terribly wrong.


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