A devastating penalty

During last week’s Ohio State football game, a fan, undoubtedly drunk, ran out on the field of play from the stands.

This fan was an engineering student at Ohio State. The video of this event went viral because a strength coach for Ohio State absolutely clobbered this kid.

The kid was obviously a knucklehead and deserved some form of penalty.  Perhaps a $500 fine would have caught his attention.

But as it turns out, the kid was on scholarship, and Ohio State pulled his scholarship.  So now, instead of a $500 fine, the penalty runs into tens of thousands of dollars.

The university has decided in their infinite wisdom that this senior level engineering student, through financial penalty, should be basically forced out of school, because of one bone head move that I could picture my son doing.

This is just a terrible decision by the university. Punish the kid, but don’t kill him. A 500 dollar fine would have gotten the message across.

To have a kid regret his action for the rest of his life is just way too much. I hope the University reconsiders.

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