I am nothing

Jews have a wonderful tradition of storytelling. One of my favorites is the one below. I just love the heck out of it (yes, I did copy it).

During one service in a wealthy synagogue, the rabbi got carried away. Falling on hands and knees, forehead to floor, he said, “Oh God, before thee I am nothing.”

The Cantor, not to be outdone, also got down, forehead to wood and said, “Oh God, before thee I am nothing.”

Seeing this, Levy, a tailor in the fourth row, left his seat, fell to his knees, forehead to floor and he too, said “Oh God, before thee I am nothing.”

With this, the Cantor elbowed the rabbi and sniffed: “Look who thinks he’s nothing!”

I too, stand before you as nothing.  Senior citizen, spotty work record, mental illness, drug addiction.

An unremarkable guy.

But a funny thing happened. Through a series of events, I became passionately wrapped up in a cause.

And that cause involves the understanding of the role of corporate giant Apple computer in the deplorable treatment of women,via their multibillion dollar business arrangement with the misogynistic Dr. Dre.

And so I, a ‘nothing’, am taking on a corporate superpower, very much a ‘something’.

How’s it going? Very slow. I received a return call from Apple computer corporate tonight and stated my case.  Much polite silence.

Previously, I have contacted the New York Times, National Organization of Women, and Ultraviolet-nothing.

I am getting published in my local letters to the editor this week.  That’s a little something.

But its obviously going to be a very long and bumpy road. The odds against my success are astronomical. But I accept that with a smile, & I will continue, and eventually will prevail.

So if you wish to come aboard, please do!  If not, I will muddle through.

I just can’t see letting Apple.computer continue on their merry multi billion dollar way without being held accountable for this. Something has to be done.

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