Katy Perry

I really don’t know much about Katy Perry, haven’t heard any of her songs. But I do know she was under consideration for doing the Super Bowl halftime show this year.

As you know, the NFL has been exposed as a league that does not care about women. This has been big news all fall.

So you might think the NFL would put their arrogance on the shelf and play things smart for the foreseeable future. What you think would be wrong. The NFL basically asked Katy Perry to kick back to them a portion of her future concert take for performing in the Super Bowl.

Because they felt her Super Bowl exposure would explosively impact her concert profits.

Fortunately, Katy Perry said thanks but no thanks,she would be just fine whether she played the Super Bowl or not.

Good for you, Katy Perry. The National Football League continuously proves to be a stupendously arrogant bunch of greedy millionaires. When the hell are they ever going to learn?


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