The girls want to come home! A tragic story

Two very cute Austrian girls who left Austria to take up with Isis want to come home.

Teenage girls make mistakes all the time,  running away from home, taking  up with a bad boy boyfriend, dabbling in illegal stuff, but often eventually coming home.

Tragically, this is different. They are in the clutches of a wildly out of control Islamic group.  They hate women and treat them accordingly.  We can only imagine how these savage, flea infested creeps raped and passed around these attractive, young girls. As a result, these girls are now pregnant.
Even if these girls escaped Isis, they cannot come home. Because of their situation, Austria will not allow it.

The likely result of all this is that these young girls will spend the rest of their lives in hell. Endless levels of brutality will occur and the privileges that they took for granted in Austria are gone forever.

And how did this happen?  A local Austrian Muslim cleric sweet talked them into this horror.  He is my first candidate for a westernized beheading.

I feel incredible sadness when reading this story. I feel sadness for the girls, and great sadness for the family.

Another, an American girl in Colorado fell in love with a jihadi creep over the Internet. Of course, over the Internet these guys portray themselves as rather romantic, dashing figures- not the smelly, goat humping creeps they really are.

American authorities were totally aware of this girl, and desperately tried to talk her out of traveling overseas to become a part of this horror. She absolutely insisted that she would be a head chopping Islamic warrior.

Left with no choice, authorities arrested her, and now she’s looking forward to several years in jail. Such a smart gal.

Every teenager deserves to be an idiot, I was one, you were one, we all were one. But in these cases, the mistake turned out to be horribly tragic, and they may never recover from it.


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