Spirit/Zeppelin-Effin’ Cool!

I was a big fan of the rock band Spirit almost 50 years ago. And that is about the last time I heard from them. They had one song in particular, I Got a Line on You, which is one of my all time favorites. One of their lead performers was a fellow named Randy California. Now, amazingly, after all these years, they are back in the news in a big way.

Family members of  the now deceased Randy California are suing rock legends Led Zeppelin for plagiarizing Zeppelin’s signature song, Stairway from Heaven, stealing from a similar Spirit song (and yes, the similarity is strong).

Zeppelin took very active steps to try to get the lawsuit dismissed, without success. Now this issue has to be fought out in court.

This case is a biggie. Stairway from Heaven might be the all time greatest rock song ever. To now know that it might have been plagiarized is incredible.  Could it have happened? The two groups toured together in the sixties.  They knew each other’s stuff.

Mind blowing.

And speaking of mind blowing, this all stirs up memories of drug hazed all night dorm sessions where much music was played on a turntable. Both Led Zeppelin and Spirit received much play time. We never noticed the similarity.

So just when I thought it was safe to go back out on the street, my rock loving past is slapping me upside the head and making me dizzy.

Shit, how I love it.


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