You are not safe!

All sorts of wonderful technology coming down the pike.  Smart appliances and items for your home that connects to your smartphone, allowing you to control things at home from a mile away at work or a thousand miles away on vacation. Like many of you, I already have my printer working this way.  I can pull up a document on my phone and print it to my house from across the world.

Among the smart items are light bulbs, thermostats, and ovens.  So what this means is that you can switch on your furnace, your stove, or your house lights from your phone on your way home from work.  Cool, yes?

Maybe not.

While the technology is advanced, the security is not.  Which means hackers can access all of your personal information,  including bank account numbers, through your light bulb, or your thermostat, or your stove.  I guarantee that Thomas Edison never dreamed of thugs draining your bank account by way of your light bulb.

So what to do?  For the time being , I would lay off.  There are already so many threats to my financial well being online that I just don’t need anymore.  I am 100 percent certain that my credit card has been compromised.

And you can already address some of these benefits without going online (for example, programmable thermostat).

At this point in time, the thought of my stove coughing up my private info is just too weird.

So I will pass for now-maybe later.


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