When I am shot and killed..

“You’re going to be shot, Greg”

“I know.”

That was a text message exchange from earlier this week.

The story behind these texts is the unfathomable Apple computer  business relationship with the savage woman beater rap mogul Dr. Dre. Dre’s misogyny is well represented by lyric and action against women.

Apple, the richest cormporation in America, obviously must have vetted Dre before they bought him out- they surely have dozens of ex-FBI agents on staff to do just that.

So why did Apple bring him on?  At this point I have no idea. But let’s be clear- because Apple went into business with horrific Dre, they hate women, too.  Customers, employees, ALL OF THEM.

What have I done about this?  Multiple phone calls to the New York Times, National Organization of Women, femenist group Ultraviolet, as well as local newspapers.  Many posts on this site.

The ONLY place to respond was Apple.  Amanda of Apple corporate listened to me and said “I’m with you on this,Greg.”
Well, that turned out to be a lie.  She was anything but with me.  After taking all of my information, she ignored my calls.

So  let’s say I reach the unlikely point where I attract some attention. Will Apple goons shoot me? Of course not. They are a legit business. If anything, they would sic a bunch of Armani suits on me, and probably Photoshop a picture of me fondling a goat.

And what about Dr. Dre?  Oh, baby, that’s a different story.  Dre and his thugs are very violent people.  Google Dee Barnes and Dr. Dre to get some clear perspective on that.

And with regard to this issue, I have great certainty that they have already threatened one tech industry reporter who wrote a damaging piece about Dre.

So would they spray my house with bullets if they deemed me a threat?

Most definitely.

So why am I doing this?  To be honest, I never had a passion for women’s issues until I saw the Ray Rice elevator video a few months ago.  Seeing that video rocked me to my core.  After that, I did extensive research and wound up here.

So here’s what you do.  If I suddenly disappear from this site, call the New York State police.  And tell them……

It’s Dr. Dre


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