Guns and the mentally ill

About 12 years ago, I was extremely mentally ill. The psychiatric people who were helping me called my wife and told her to get rid of any guns I might have. 

She did, and to this day, I have no idea where it went. I never asked for it back.

It was the right call.  I was absolutely a threat to myself and others.

Today, efforts are being made across the nation to do exactly the same thing within the legal system to other dangerously ill people.  It is based on well publicized situations where horrified family members attempted to get guns taken away from people who  eventually committed horrible crimes.

As always, as f’ing always, the NRA is fighting this.  The NRA fights everything that takes even one gun out of an American citizens hands, for any reason at all. The NRA’s greatest fear is opening the door to those who would take away more guns.  And we have now seen this a thousand times- gun nuts cry that pending legislation might unfairly impact one of their people.  It’s never about the victims.

And the cry is always ‘it’s about the 2nd amendment’. But the authors of the Second Amendment never had today’s societal issues in mind. They never dreamed of a Virginia Tech student gunning down 32 classmates after obtaining all sorts of weaponry.  And they could never have anticipated the countless public schools shootings in our country, the latest a few days ago.

So rest assured if you are seriously psycho, or a relationship stalker, or anyone, like I was, who posed a danger.
Believe me, your guns are safe. Your loved ones, your relatives, your schoolmates, and others are very tragically unsafe.

Somebody, some politician with the balls, perhaps a Mike Bloomberg, end this incredible madness. It just has to stop.

I leave you with this one last thought, what is the very first thing a seriously mentally ill person always reaches for?

A gun.


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