Itch in my bum

This falls under the category of Too Much Information, or TMI.  TMI happens when you delve inside your underwear, or in my case the holey remnants that hang about my nether regions.

Here’s the problem. I’ve got a godawful itch in my deepest bum region.  Twenty four hours of torment-it wakes me up at night.

I addressed this problem with Wal-Mart itch cream.  I put on enough cream to make up a Kardashian. I should have know better then trust anything Wal-Mart.  Did not help.

So what is the cause?  I have narrowed it down to chili, bananas, or too much coffee.

So have I eliminated any of these items?  Of course not.  The insane torment continues.

So what will I do?  Buy different cream!  And if you see me waddling down the street in a strange way, you’ll know why.


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