Swimming naked at the Y

I attend a local YMCA religiously. I go in the morning and in the evening, but spend the in between time at the bakery, so the effect of the workout is overshadowed by donut stuffery.

The Y is about to shut down its swimming pool. They are doing this because the pool is old and needs to be replaced. The management is making a huge deal about this. They are asking folks to share a swimming pool story with them.

Oh, I have a story alright.

40 years ago, I belonged to the same YMCA.  I used the swimming pool a lot. At that time, there was a men’s only swim session, which occurred at different times each day. You had to read the schedule to know what time the men’s session was.

For some reason, the men swam naked during these sessions. Seeing as how it was one less item of clothing to bother with, I was totally on board with this.  So one day, I stripped down, threw a towel over my shoulder, and with my head down, I headed out to the pool.

I get to the diving board and look up. I see dozens of women staring at me. I give them a Nixonian salute, turn on my heels, and briskly walk out.

I half expected to get a request to report to the administrative offices, and explain myself. This did not happen.

A few days ago, I shared this story will one of the front desk ladies that I have become friendly with. She looked at me, she looked away, she coughed a couple of times, and went silent.

I guess it was too much information, even 40 years later.

Back then I got naked at the drop of a hat. Today, I don’t even get naked in front of myself.

As for the pool, I never use it. The thought of all those naked man parts from 40 years ago commingling with pool water still gives me the yips.

So, the pool is closing. And based on what I remember of it, that is good.


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