A dangerous man

I knew a man, about 15 years ago, who spiraled down the path of extreme mental illness.  His actions destroyed family relationships, his job, and friendships. He mumbled and made strange remarks to others. He was a danger to himself and to his family.

His psychiatrist called his wife.

“Take away his gun.”

She did.  Gone forever.

And the man?

That was me.

Why am I writing this? Because much has been written recently about a somewhat similar situation- legalizing  the removal of weapons, by family request, of those who are dangerously mentally ill.

Guns rights activist, including the NRA, are fighting this.  Under the horribly unhinged leadership of the NRA ( which is most definitely not my father’s NRA) no guns shall be taken from anyone, no matter how dangerous. As always, it’s about the 2nd fucking amendment.

Others claim that a relative with a false beef against the gun owner can get their weapons taken, with no chance of getting them back.

As always, AS ALWAYS, no one is paying attention to the current and future victims.

Understand this- if a frantic parent calls the police department, begging to have their child dealt with as a threat, authorities must listen, act and remove weapons if possessed.  We just can’t take a chance. And if the parents call is the first indication of trouble, that is all the more reason to pay attention.

Think of mass murderer Eliot Rodger in California, whose parents did report his disturbing behavior to the police before his killing spree.  The cops met with him but never searched for weapons. Cops found him to be harmless.  Such a deadly, tragic error.

If we don’t act on this, I have a guarantee- many more loved ones will die. If we do act, some will still die, but others will live.  Is it worth it?

As for me, do I want my gun back?


Although I am OK now, who knows about the future.  I strongly prefer to remain weaponless.

As for you having guns, I am nervously OK with it- unless you drink alcohol.

And that, my friends, is a whole different story.


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