Thank God-he did the right thing

Many who read this have no interest in the National Football League.  But almost everyone has an interest in the treatment, or mistreatment, of children.  And a four year old child goes right to the top of that list.

Which brings us to the case of Adrian Peterson.  Peterson is one of the greatest running backs in football history.  But he is even greater at fathering children.  He has parented as many as 7, minimum 5 kids, by different mothers.  Obviously, his local pharmacy was ALWAYS fresh out of rubbers.

So when it comes to the issue of Adrian disciplining one of his children, it becomes a matter of a tiny child  looking up to a stranger, a very large football player, with the added menace of having a switch in his hand (I had gone 64 years without having a clear understanding of what a switch was for, I do understand now).

Not sure what this four year old did to deserve this (Google ‘Adrian Peterson beating photos’), but I find it heartbreaking to see a little fella in his super hero undies COVERED with vicious welts to his lower extremities.  What is not seen is beating marks on his testicles, as well as leaves jammed into his mouth.

So based on past league punishments, nothing was done to Peterson.  But a funny thing happened- the people spoke up, the press spoke up, and CORPORATE SPONSORS pulled back. So Peterson was suspended with pay till his case was resolved.

Peterson’s  legal case was resolved this week, resulting in a misdemeanor plea. As a result,  the player’s union demanded that he be reinstated.

And this week the commissioner said NO! Not till next year, at the earliest!

And every sentence of the commissioner’s statement had to do with the well being of the poor child who was savagely beaten-almost nothing about the adult thug.

I think the commissioner has had a recent history of terrible decisions.  But this decision is incredibly on the mark. The way that they put the victim first was a wonderful thing to see!

Will their decision stand on appeal?  Probably not.  But it still was a heroic statement.  No matter what happens, I applaud the commissioner. This Peterson a___hole needs to get a clear message.

And as of this morning, NBA star Dwight Howard is involved in a belt buckle child beating that he has apparently admitted to.

Let’s hope the NBA sends the same message.


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