My 6 degrees of separation from Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has made lots of headlines recently, and none of them have been good. It’s up to about 20 women who have come forward against Cosby and that is very bad news. My connection to Cosby is remote, to say the least.  But it is there.

I worked for many years as a teacher, and during non teaching periods, I had to check on the bathrooms to make sure no kids were smoking.  During those times, I was accompanied by Del, a gigantic black security guard, a retired New York City policeman.

Del was an extremely funny man, and he made the time move very quickly. He had a big heart, and his discipline was on the light side to say the least. Kids caught breaking the rules were given a pat on the head and a mild warning and sent on their way.

I used to give Del a punch on the arm and tell him he was making our world safe for junior criminals. He would just shrug and laugh.

Del told a couple of very memorable stories from his days as a policeman.

The first had to do with his days on horseback detail.  Although he never fired his weapon, he did get shot…in the ass, while on his horse.  He said it was the most painful thing he had ever experienced.

The second incident also involved his horse, but oh baby, in such a different way. Turns out Del reported to his horse barn and found a woman performing unspeakable sex acts on the horse.  Being the, uh, puritanical type, I had a billion questions.  At the time, however, Del was more annoyed then interested, because he had to file a written report.

But on to Cosby.  One day Del shows up for work in a very memorable, expensive sweater.  I quickly comment on the sweater, and ask where he got it.

Del had been off the previous Friday, and had interviewed for a security position with Bill Cosby.

Cosby, however, informed him that he had just filled the position.  Del was crushed, wanted to know if their were any other positions that needed filling.

Cosby nodded his head no.

Out of desperation, Del asked if he could have the sweater that Cosby was wearing.  Cosby looked at him for a few seconds, then took off the sweater and gave it to Del.

Needless to say, Del wore the sweater his first day back to work.

I was super impressed, Cosby sweaters were pretty much world famous , totally unique. I’m not sure the sweater story was better then the horse and woman story, but it was close.

Del wound up taking another job and left me to cruise the bathrooms by myself. I caught a few smokers here and there, and one time I caught a couple engaging in nastiness in one of the stalls.

But it never was quite as much fun as when Del was there. He sure made things interesting, as did Mr. Cosby.


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