My Black Friday Horror

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to go to the Walmart Black Friday sale just one time, about 9 years ago.  The store was taped off in sections, and I went to the section where the laptop computers were. Since they had not let any customers in yet, I was confident I could get one of their sale laptops.  When a sales clerk informed me that there were 22 laptops, but that they were now gone, I asked her how could that be since they had not opened yet. She never answered the question, but reiterated that all laptops were gone.

Furious, I went to a different section of the store where they were about to let electronics customers (other then computers) enter.  The backed up customers exploded through the entryway as if shot out of a cannon. Me, a very big guy, was shoved aside by the man behind me into a display of Campbell’s soup. Both soup and me went flying.

Expecting a bit of sympathy, I told about this episode to many people. Without exception, they dropped on the floor laughing; no sympathy for the big guy.

It occurred to me, if a very large person such as myself could be dangerously swept aside by the idiotic tide of humanity,
what would happen to a little old lady?  Or anyone who was not enormous?

Tragically, and predictably, about a year later, we would come to find out the answer to that question. In a Long Island Walmart, a store worker was crushed by the onrush of people who stormed in at opening. The worker died and others barely escaped with their lives.  Litigation on this case, due to Wal-Mart’s sense of denial, continues to this day.

For some reason, when I got home on my Friday from hell, I had the overwhelming need to share my girly man Campbell’s Soup display can collision episode with the world.  I called the local newspaper and sobbed out my story of Wal-Mart woe to the reporter.  She published the story the next day.

Oh, how the phone rang from my ‘friends’ the terms sissy, wussy, words that rhyme with wussy, girly man- you name it, I heard it.

A national anti-Wal-Mart organization picked up on my article and ran with it.  All these years later, this article can still be googled and read online.

I have never done a Black Friday since. I definitely learned my lesson. For me, online or local retailer is the only way to go.

As for  Wal-Mart stores, I am amazed that they put out collection bins at the holidays to help poorly paid employees afford Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, all while ownership makes billions.  They are such an incredibly corrupt organization.

Hope none of you got whacked, beaten and punched yesterday. Don’t know how old you are but I am 64, and my bod can’t handle that abuse.


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