The emotional support pig

As you might imagine, certain animals, such as seeing eye dogs, are allowed on airplanes.  No one has a problem with that.

However, over the years, the range of animals allowed on board, and the range of reasons, has increased-to a ridiculous level.

A passenger at Bradley Airport recently was seating himself when he spotted a woman holding what appeared to be a very large dog approaching his aisle.  But it wasn’t a dog-it was a pig-an ’emotional support’ pig.

The pig, as pigs do, started behaving very badly.  He howled very loudly and crapped on the carpet. His owner scolded him as though.he were a young child. That didn’t help. The pig continued to behave as pigs do.

She and pig were escorted to the front of the plane, and eventually. thank God, were taken off the plane.

I need to find out why emotional support pigs, and other mental health animals, are allowed on a plane. Who should be expected to sit next to that?  Can you imagine sitting next to a grunting, squealing, fat pig?

And what is home life for pig and woman?

“You are not meeting my emotional needs. Perhaps back to the butcher shop for you.”


And who takes out the garbage? And who washes the dishes?

And I don’t even want to go near the bedroom!

And who was the mental health counselor who prescribed a f__king pig?!!

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned dog or cat?

We need to get back to common sense-dogs only, on planes, for the right reasons.

Then we will back on track.


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