He’s hepped up on drugs

“Bobby Jansen down outside Philly’s.  He’s hepped up on drugs.”

For Dad, everyone close to my age was ‘hepped up on drugs’.  And how did Dad know?  Easy. Bobby’s eyes were ‘shiftin’ round’.

And Dad never said, “He was stoned”, or “He was high”.Those phrases were left to the rest of the world.

I never heard anyone else use the term ‘hepped up’.  Just Dad.  But it appears in Wiktionary, just as he meant it.  And much better, Wiktionary refers to “a hepped up version of the Volga River song”.

I don’t know about you, but I thought the original Volga River Song was just crackerjack the way it was.

Bobby Jansen’s Dad, and lots of village dad’s would hang out at the ‘gin mill’.  My dad, who had an occasional beer, didn’t care much about barflies who spent all their family’s money and hours of time at the ‘gin mill’.

To this day, I, like my dad, still refer to a bar as a gin mill, much to the puzzlement of my son and his friends.

And as for Wiktionary, a gin mill is an archaic, derogatory term for a ‘tavern that serves gin’ .   Hmmmm…but what about beer?

Now it would have been something if Dad spotted Bobby Jansen hepped up on drugs outside the gin mill. Then no one would have had any idea what he was talking about.

I guess barflies might be another example.  Not sure that one is still used today.

For an unknown reason, some terminology lasts forever, and some terminology dies out.

I know there’s a lot more examples but I just can’t think of them right this minute.

Oh yeah, one last unrelated thing. Back in the fifties, dogs always peed on car tires, now I never see them do it. Either the tires are different on the part of the dog brains that tells it to pee has evolved somehow.  And if they don’t pee on tires, where does the extra pee go?

Maybe I will end on that note.


2 thoughts on “He’s hepped up on drugs”

  1. I’ve never heard the term, ‘hepped up’ on drugs. I don’t know about barflies and gin mills. I remember the term ‘gin mill’ being used a lot back in the day. As for the dogs peeing on tires, I think a big change has been the most dogs are on a leash now and have to be walked. They don’t have free range anymore and their owners probably don’t let them pee on the tires.


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