Vinegar Bend Mizell

Jack Dempsey was the Manassa Mauler. The name Manassa was nothing great, but the alliterative combination was pretty special.

A friend in college referred to another friend as the Saskatchewan Flash. I was sure, over the years, that he got this from  a hockey player. Apparently not. I could find no record of it on the internet. Too bad, it’s a friggin’ legendary name that someone should put to use.

But I’m going in a slightly different direction- Town names of famous people that stand by themselves, that are great to say and to hear.

In the fifties and sixties, there was a baseballall player named Vinegar Bend Mizell. He was a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was from a town named Vinegar Bend, Alabama. You just can’t beat that.  He went on to serve in the House of Representatives for about six years, a handsome hunk of a southern man.

And then there is French Lick, Indiana. Famous basketball player Larry Bird, known as the hick from French Lick, came from there (as reportedly did famous WOTL writer growley).

I would love to say that I came from Vinegar Bend or French Lick. Wouldn’t you?  I would settle for being the Altoona amnesiac, even though Altoona doesn’t sound so great by itself.

In reality, I grew up in a place named Montgomery, and while it’s a nice name, it doesn’t have that Vinegar Bend charm to it. As for today, I live in New Hampton, and isn’t that boring?

Many of you, for some unexplainable reason, come from the city of Rochester. Rochester is a pretty cool name, because Jack Benny’s chauffeur was named Rochester, and I never missed him on Sunday nights.

As for why you all come from there (and French Lick) & I come from here, I just don’t have a clue.

Presently, I am packing, and moving to Vinegar Bend, Alabama. I just want to be part of that coolness.

I will move in next to the Mizells.


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