Virginia U rape a hoax?

A few weeks ago, Rolling Stone Magazine published a story about an alleged gang rape at a frat house at the University of Virginia.  After the story hit the news stand, all Greek activity was suspended, the house in question was vandalized and vacated, and the university pledged a zero tolerance level of commitment.

But another thing happened- other publications immediately picked up on Rolling Stone’s  irregular journalistic practices.  In particular, the Washington Post determined one glaring flaw in the reporting- the victim was interviewed, but none of the accused were! It was her word against…NO ONE!!!

Furthermore, the author had shopped around to several universities till she found one, Virginia, with the story she ‘wanted’!

On Friday, Rolling Stone admitted that the story’s victim had irregularities in her testimony, and came up just short of retracting. The author, whose career is hopefully destroyed, has kept silent.

And what about the frat boys?  Reputations destroyed, forced to abandon their housing, in hiding from hostile students and faculty.

One person predicted this story, to me, a year ago.  That person was my son.

As a member of a Duke University frat last year, he explained that many students viewed frat houses as hotels full of rapists.  Often times, rape allegations were totally made up-other times, girls would sober up in the morning, change their minds about last night, and file charges.

As he put it, the sexual infraction committee that determined a male student’s future on campus was made up of ‘male hating women’ whose minds were already made up as to guilt.

And get a load of what rape is at Duke and other schools.  A female could tear off her clothes and jump into bed, but if she does not verbally articulate consent, then it can be considered rape.  A lot of male readers on this site, including me, would flunk that test.

As I said, my son predicted the Virginia circumstance. It’s just that he predicted it to happen at Duke University, not Virginia. But he got the facts correct.

Amazingly, even with Rolling Stones admission, The Virginia administration has kept on its anti-rape crusade.  It’s as if the Rolling Stone admission has never happened.  Not even an apology to the frat.

Do rapes happen on campus? Sure. They happened 40 years ago when I was in college. And women had a difficult time proving it.  But everyone suffers, men and women, when things like the Virginia rape hoax occur.

The author of The Rolling Stones story needs to serve time in jail. That’s the only fair way to deal with this. And Rolling Stone needs to pay out a ton of money to a lot of people. That won’t make things right, but it will help.


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