Torture…shit yeah!

There are many among you who think I am a card carrying, panty wearing liberal.

This is true, though finding panties my size is a challenge.

Let’s face it, idiot Ted Cruz’s massive government level screwup this week that let in a gun control advocate surgeon general was a GREAT day for America. I was dancing in the open carry night clubs.

But that’s not the reason I’m here today.

This week was all about torture, and a horribly advised release of a report about that subject by Diane Feinstein.

Many out there in the perfect, correct world want no part of torture.  Putting 9/11 mastermind Sheik Mohammed through waterboarding, rectal feeding and Rosie O’Donnell marathon dialogs is more than any human should suffer through.

But then I think back about 9/11.  I was working as a high school administrator north of the towers.  Students were streaming and screaming into the hallways,   dialing cell phones while filled with terror, searching, at times in vain, for loved ones.

A woman who worked for me lost her niece, who left a heart breaking goodbye message on an unanswered phone for her parents.

A few days later I drove past ground zero on the Jersey Turnpike and saw the destruction, and broke into tears.

So because of all this, multiplied by millions, I think Sheikh Mohammed, and all of the other people responsible for 9/11, need to spend every day of the rest of their lives, and eternity, in severe discomfort.

If useful, life saving information is gathered while torturing these people, then that’s even better. All interrogators should be given the medal of honor.

I only have one reason to pause- Senator John McCain does not believe in torture, and he was tortured a lot. There is no way that you do not listen to him.

But even with taking McCain into account, I think you let the sleep deprivation commence.

So all you Rush Limbaugh loving ditto heads relax.  I am with you on this.


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