Drug Addiction one day at a time

You might have a problem with a few too many pops at the bar. I don’t have that. Never an issue.

You might not have a problem with popping pills. Just doesn’t do it for you. But for me, its a daily challenge for the rest of my life. Love the hell out of it.

For me, it was not intentional. I had major surgery about 15 years ago, and was given a lot of pain medication.

Bingo. I was hooked.

Thus started 15 years of wild, erratic behavior, ignoring of family, lying and theft.   The pills came first, second, and  third. Everything else fell into place behind.

At the end of my run, I went to Narcotics Anonymous meetings, completely stoned, and passed out. Gee, do you think those folks saw through me?

So I had gone two years without. That’s no big deal, the problem never safely tucks itself away forever.

Which leads me to 3 weeks ago. I had required massive dental work, much of it very painful. I never asked for it, but the dentist wrote a prescription for pain pills.

Before filling the script, I called my son, and explained the situation. He told me I was going to need something, and to just take it easy.

‘Just taking it easy’ is never a part of an addicts life.

So I took the pills, and it eased the pain.

And it made me high.

And the pills ran out. And the pain went away. And honestly, the urge for more was not as bad as I thought.

Unlike previous years, I did not try to weasel an extra script out of my doctor. I did not engage in insanely idiotic behavior. I moved on as if nothing had happened.

But this is where the danger comes in. Because, in fact, something did happen, and I think there’s always a price for that.

Here’s hoping that you never deal with this life sentence.

We have only so many days in this planet, and there are much better ways to spend them.


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