The Best

Best album-Tumbleweed Connection, Elton John

Best album cut- Call me, Blondie

Best dish by my mom- Lasagna

Best Dad advice- “Tell your mother nothing”

Best son nickname-Meat

Best looking girl i dated-Eileen

Best rock group-Talking Heads

Best books-Team of Rivals
Night of the Moonbow (yeah, go find that one)

Best job-  dishroom worker, college (many girls)

Best movie- Good Will Hunting, Django Unchained

Best invention-smartphone

Best TV show- Hill Street Blues

Best rapper- ????? What the?????

Best rock concert-Sly and the family Stone, 1969

Best comic-Lewis Black

Best pick up artist- Pete, from college, an assassin

Best thing i done did- saved a girl’s life swimming (while sick as hell) in Mexico

Best song to try not to dance around to (Need you tonight, INXS)

Best thing i helped create- a very funny, smart handsome kid

Best thing i do now-write


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