Pit bull terror

I need to tell you that i absolutely love dogs. I do not have one now, but that is because of ‘veterinarian expense’ fear while on a pension.

Forty years ago. I am waiting to be served at a Sullivan County, New York junkyard-I take a seat on a couch.

What appears to be a dog, with a massive chest and gigantic jaw jumps up on the couch and positions his face an inch away from my face. He stares at me, unblinking.

I feel a terror that I have never experienced before . I leak urine. I start shaking.

I get the attention of the desk clerk.

” Gett this fucking beast away from me.”

The clerk laughs.

“I said get this fucking dog away from me!”

“Killer. Killer! Get down.”

The dog departs, and so do I.

I head straight for a veterinarian’s office and describe the beast to the front desk girl.

“Pit bull.”

NOT “Great with kids. Safe to be with…”

As the years pass, I see other pit bulls. I read horror stories. (Remember the recent hoax where a woman and her horribly pit bull attack disfigured grand daughter were ‘refused’ service at KFC?). 

And I always moved to the other side of the street.

Several years ago, I split up with my wife, and I moved into a neighborhood with a heavy minority population. Not a problem, I genuinely like everyone.

But most of them owned pit bulls.  That, my friends, was a problem.  It got to the point where I never walked the neighborhood.  I went from car to apartment only.

Fast forward to today.  Facebook posts daily features on adoptable pets.  While many breeds are featured, most are pitbulls.

Why?  Hardly see any black labs or cockers up for adoption.  Why pit bulls?

What to do? No idea.  There has to be millions of them.  Just don’t surprise visit me with one.

2 thoughts on “Pit bull terror”

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way… I was a card carrying anti-pitbull person myself, before my husband informed me I had no choice in the matter when his father gave us a pit puppy. In the 13 years that dog showed me the truth, I became an advocate. I’ve scraped them, injured from the streets, fostered ex-fighters, fostered bait dogs, and have greeted strays on the streets. The pure pit we have now was brought into our home, an adult of unknown history, from a mall parking lot where she had been wandering for days. Yet I had no problem bringing her into our home where several other dogs, even small ones, already lived.

    Don’t let looks or media define your opinion. Meet a pit bull some day. I mean really get to know one. You might like what you see.


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