I was savagely attacked

I am very reluctant to share stories with family, but I did. I sent a very loving story about my mother to my sister. She loved it.

She told me to send the story to my sister in law, who she said would love it. In the story,  a brief mention is made of my now deceased brother,  my sister in law’s husband, in the story.

Yesterday, I received a savagely blistering, nasty email from sister in law. She says the story is a pack of lies, is harmful to her and her husbands.

I immediately assume I’ve done something wrong. I write an apology. To put it mildly, apology not accepted, as I receive a second hateful email. And then I receive a third hateful email.

I give more thought.  This woman is attacking me with words, but I work with words everyday. If i flex a little word muscle, I will bury her.

Did that. Without benefit of F bombs or anything else nasty, I destroyed this vile excuse for a human.

All communication from her stopped immediately.

You know, if she would have stopped after one email, she would have won!

But she didn’t.

Don’t mess with a writer.


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