Okay, there’s a reason I am writing this story right now. This week, the New England Patriots have been accused of cheating by using deflated footballs in last week’s game against the Colts. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, & I guess it’s not huge, but the Patriots have a history, especially coach Bill Belichick.

Let’s go back a few years. The New Orleans Saints are investigated for putting bounties on opposing players, with the intent of knocking them out of the game. All sorts of punishments are given to players and coaches. The coach, Sean Payton, who claims no knowledge of the bounties, is suspended for a year.

Now go back to 2007. Coach Belichick and the Patriots have been found guilty of video taping opponents hand signals. Perhaps no more egregious cheat could be had. Goes to be very integrity of the game.

So if Payton got a year suspension, dear God, what would Belichick get?

The team and Belichick were heavily fined and lost future draft picks. As for Belichick, his suspension? Nothing. Not even a game. So here is what we conclude. Have your team hit opponents real hard and get a year suspension. Cheat in the most ballsy and blatant way, nothing.

There is more to be known about the situation. The owner of the Patriots is very close to the Commissioner of the National Football League. Does this lead one to believe that this cozy relationship caused  him to get a break? Seems that way to me.

So let’s keep an eye on the deflated balls mini scandal. Maybe the commissioner will drop the hammer this time, and make Belichick pay the price.

I hope so.


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