It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught- really?

Listening to sports radio yesterday, and it’s all about the New England Patriots football deflation scandal.  Even if you are not familiar with the situation, you might be familiar with the mindset.

Caller after caller expressed the same sentiment.

“It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught.”


1956. First grade classroom.  Martin Lipsky Is conducting inspection.  If you have neatly combed hair, clean hands, and a folded handkerchief, Martin would award you an Ivory Soap sticker.  If not, he would give you a red sticker.

Most days, I had no handkerchief, but cajoled Martin into giving me the Ivory Soap sticker.  So, for the duration of the contest, I had an uninterrupted string of Ivory Soap stickers.

Felt good.  For quite awhile.  But not forever.

Eventually, shame crept in.  After all, I cheated.

And how does it play out 60 years later?  I still feel shame.

Everyday?  No.

But maybe once a week.

So to listen to f’ing morons on the radio tell ME that it isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught?

I got caught.

By me.

And that is much worse then getting caught by someone else.


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