Mad men

“Dad, can you even see that TV?”

“Well, no”

My son is commenting on my tiny 1949 vintage piece of garbage in my living room.

“You can pick up a great TV for nothing on Amazon” says Mike.

And he was right.  170 bucks for a 32 inch flat screen high def TV.

So I buy it.  But I don’t stop.  I buy a ROKU box which allows me to connect my TV to all kinds of services, including Netflix.

And on Netflix is several seasons worth of Mad Men.

Heard of the show. Never saw it.  All of you have probably seen it for years.


It’s set in a 1960  New York City ad agency populated by hard drinking, heavy smoking, savagely womanizing young and middle aged men and secretaries.

There are a few main characters that are never out of view for long, as well as secondary characters who weave in and out throughout the episodes.

I am totally hooked. I am currently pushing through two episodes a day. Old enough to remember 1960, I can assure you they nail it to the shoelaces.

The show stars the incredibly handsome Jon Hamm, who will play me in ‘The Memoirs of an Amnesiac”.  In an average episode, he beds more women then I have ever met.  And he’s married!

If you haven’t seen it, give it a try.  I think it’s regular home is AMC. You won’t regret it.


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