Apple Computer has a problem

To be honest, I’m not sure why the following  issue bothers me so much. It’s not like I’ve spent my life standing up to those things that are terribly wrong. That’s just not the case.

But in my later years, two things have captured my attention in the most incredible and personal way. One involves the beating of patients at a mental hospital where I lived for 3 years. The other involves a partnership of a horrendously misogynistic rap performer, Dr Dre, with the richest company in America, Apple Computer.

With the patient beatings, I witnessed it firsthand. With Dr Dre, I simply read about it.   And with Dre, it involved words and actions.

First the words.

One of  Dre’s most celebrated songs is Bit_hes Ain’t Sh_t, a most wonderful treatment of women.  Here are a few lyrics-

Bitches ain’t sh_t but hoes and tricks

Lick on these nuts and suck the dick

Get the f_ck out after you’re done

And I hop in my ride to make a quick run…

That, my friends, is only PART of the song performed by this Apple partner.

Now the actions…

Dee Barnes was a young woman who reported on Dre and crew’s music, in what was perceived to be a disrespectful way.  One night, in a club, Dre’s posse cordoned off an area and Dre savagely, brutally beat this woman.  His posse kept those who tried to help her at a distance.

Now Apple, which has undoubtedly the greatest security force this side of the NFL, knows everything about Dre and his past.  Yet they went ahead with a multibillion dollar business arrangement, anyway.  Much of what he had to offer Apple is a set of overpriced music headphones, which are used by millions. I see them at my club everyday.

I had a very difficult time understanding how this key Apple player, a man who obviously HATED women, could represent a company that had millions of female customers and employees.

So me, very much old, powerless and un networked, took on Apple.  Called Apple customer service many times-given the crackpot treatment.  Called and wrote to several newspapers, especially the New York Times-no response.

Called Apple corporate, reached a girl named Amanda Glenn.  What a breath of fresh air!  Young, energetic and very supportive.   She was totally on my side! She wanted all of my information…and I sent it.

Not the first time I was taken by a woman.

She took my stuff and broke off all contact immediately.  Such a sucker.

But it made me realize one thing.  Apple, to some extent, was concerned.

So where am I at?  Square one.  Not another soul on the planet gives a crap.

Have I given up?

No. Something about this story will get stirred up by someone more influential than me.

And I will be there when it happens.


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