Did you steal my headphones?

Do you live in a community where everyone keeps their doors unlocked ? A place where it would be unthinkable that someone would break into your home or car?

Well, unfortunately, I don’t.

Last night, someone stole my effin headphones out of my unlocked car. Now what they didn’t steal were three library books about Supreme Court justices. Those were left untouched. Candy wrappers and Chinese food containers also unmolested.

Now for me, headphones are a level one appliance.  Which means they must be replaced immediately. So, I will go to Radio Shack this morning and charge a new set of headphones.

For the moron who stole my headphones, if you are reading this, let me say the following:

When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you puff with pride, and think about how you are making the world a better place?

And if you needed money to buy crack, I would have dropped a $10 bill on you if you left my headphones alone.

Obviously, if you think I’m pissed, you’re wrong. I am at the next level up of pissed, whatever that is called.

Such a bad way to start the day.


4 thoughts on “Did you steal my headphones?”

  1. What the heck are you doing reading Supreme Court Justice opinions?

    Is that what you call “light summer reading”? If so, I have an abundance of Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Aristophanes for you to breeze through.


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