What a nasty prick

At what point did the customer become completely wrong? When did it become okay for the employee to be abusive, surly, and nasty to someone who is really easy to get along with?

Anyone who follows my blog knows I love spending time at the ymca. I love working with the girls at the front desk, I love walking the track with my headphones on, I enjoy lifting weights, & I really enjoy talking to other patrons.  From doctors to ditch diggers, everyone’s an equal in their gym shorts. 

95% of the staff are friendly, funny, and helpful. But then there is that special one.

I had a ongoing problem, that was not easily solved. My phone was not connecting to the building wifi for the purpose of playing music, and that was costing me money. I was always very nice about it, but persistent, and that persistence had incredible consequences.

One day, a male staff member with a long ponytail wrapped up in a bun (and didn’t that look f’ing masculine) and arms covered in tattoos quickly approached me and said “You know, there is nothing in your contract that guarantees WIFI…and I hear you complain about it EVERY DAY.”

“Oh really, and who the F are you?  The Y promised WiFi, and that covers this situation.”

The conversation continued, but it became clear that this was not about wifi. It was about the fact that this guy  really hated  my guts, for some reason.  As he continued talking, he straddled the line between deep hatred and bare civility. The only thing holding him back was the fear of getting fired.  As you might imagine, the conversation ended poorly.

Move ahead ONE DAY.  Another employee, a young girl, says “Gregory, let’s see your phone.”

She works on it.

And works on it.

“I got it.”

She solved the problem, with a big smile on her face at all times.

I walk up to prick as he’s rubber banding his pony tail.


I walk away.

I see prick 3 to 4 times a week- no hellos, no eye contact.

That’s fine with me.


2 thoughts on “What a nasty prick”

  1. He is rather a smart ass. Also, people’s tattoos [to me] look dirty. As though the person hasn’t bathed/showered in a year. You really have to get up close to see what the design is and even that doesn’t help much. I see all of these people walking around with dirty arms and legs. Ugh.


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