Her Man Loved Her So

Local girl.

Solid, grounded. Nobody’s fool.

A teacher at my son’s former high school.

Recently divorced. Searching online for companionship.

And she found it.

He was Italian, but worked on a distant oil rig.  Incredibly chiseled, handsome face.

They spoke by phone.

He had her at hello.

They exchanged passionate messages, asking nothing of one another but love, for a long time.

Then came a request.  A bit of money for an airline ticket, his work funds currently unavailable.  She complied without hesitation.

More time passes. Then another request for funds for the most innocent of reasons.

For the man she loved!  Of course!

As time passes, more requests.  She cashes in her 401k.

And she never questions. Never ever questions.

And the madness continues.

Then a call from the FBI.

Her checking account was being used for sophisticated, highly illegal activity.

And they inform her that she has been ‘had’.

She calls her lover and confronts him.


Then he tells all. 

“Do not take offense, but this is what I do for a living. You are one of several women.”

Sixty thousand dollars gone forever, on a teacher’s salary.

How many times has this story been repeated, just in my little town?

Who do I blame?


So easy to accept that your perfect prince has arrived.  In person, just might be real. From ten thousand miles, never. She was too old to fall for this shit.

Reminds me of the American teenaged girls falling for the radical Muslim warriors online, then travelling overseas to serve.

For them, much worse then sixty K down the drain, they have lost their freedom forever.

You know, the Internet is fabulous, but in some cases, we would be better off with the way things were.

Today’s topic would be a perfect example


One thought on “Her Man Loved Her So”

  1. I blame her too. I’m sad for her. That she’s so desperate that she would think she ‘fell in love’ with an image of a man[that could actually be anyone, anywhere]without ever being in his company. And further, that she sent him money. Sorry but that’s just stupid.


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