I just want a man with a sense of humor

I’m walking past my tv the other day and a cute blonde girl is making a sales pitch for the dating service match.com. In a most bubbly way, she states that she only wants a man with a good sense of humor.   She doesn’t say anything about how rich he should be, or how handsome he should be.

Even though it’s weird for a man living alone to scream at his TV, I scream ‘bullshit’ at the top of my lungs.

For centuries, the hunks have always won, even if they have the personality of a baked potato. Said hunks may have never pulled off a successful comedy line and they may live entirely boring lives, but that matters not.

In the past, I spoke of a gorgeous girl I dated for 2 years in college, entertaining her with great one liners for the duration. And then a movie star looking guy carried her f’ing lunch tray one day, and she was gone with the wind!

And man, if the guy is good looking and dangerous, like jailbird dangerous, then watch out, those guys are irresistible.

So am I looking for sympathy? Quite not.  Its just after 50 years, I don’t want to see some pinhead babe telling me on the TV that it’s all about the sense of humor. That’s just so much garbage.


One thought on “I just want a man with a sense of humor”

  1. Then, you go for a woman with a great personality and the hell with what she looks like? Don’t think so. The pinhead/pinup women are the ones you want. What do you expect? Personally, I feel that attraction/chemistry and a sense of humor are key. I have been attracted to very good looking men as well as just ‘regular’ fellows. A sense of humor will get him in the door but there has to be ‘chemistry’, which is really based on a number of things. But I’m not a pinhead or a pinup so I’ll never have that problem.


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